What does a County Commissioner Do?

Commissioners, along with the county judge, participate in all decisions and work of the county commissioners court.

The main functions of the court are: supervision and control of the county courthouses and jails; appointment and employment of county personnel; filling of vacancies in elective and appointive positions; determination of county tax rates; adoption of a county budget; establishment of voting precinct boundaries, calling of county bond elections; letting of contracts in the name of the county; building and maintaining county roads and bridges; and establishment of libraries and parks.

The commissioners court also appoints members to numerous boards and commissions, sometimes serving as liaisons or members themselves.

Some of the boards included are: Port of Houston Authority, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Children’s Protective Services, Mental Health and Mental Retardation Association, Houston-Galveston Area Council, and the Hospital District.

Each commissioner is also directly responsible for administration of parks, community centers, and road and bridge programs within their precincts.